"I'm going through the pics with tears streaming down my face. They're just so gorgeous, one after the next. ...Unbelievably stunning shots. I wanna print every single one. I know you put a lot into not just taking the pics but being careful about every last detail and really working to make sure they come out perfect. I must say I'm beyond impressed. These pics [are] everything. THANK YOU!!!!!!" - N.G. 

"I used Butterfly Portrait Photography this past summer and I couldn't have been happier. Every picture came out gorgeous. Deetza had so much patience for each one of my kids…Deetza took many shots of each pose in order to ensure that I will have a bunch of pictures to choose from.  (I couldn't even decide which pictures to pick since they were all so beautiful!) The setting was beautiful and the coloring was just right. Deetza spent an enormous amount of time going through the pictures with me a few days after the pictures were taken. She made sure that I was completely satisfied with her work. I would highly recommend Butterfly Portrait Photography. If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly." [Contact Butterfly Photography for her number] -M.F.

"Deetza was such a pleasure to work with and so patient with my children.  The pictures are really beautiful and I can't wait to hang them up! Thank you!"- RA

"Deetza, these pictures are AMAZING!!!
I can't thank you enough for all your time and patience yesterday! The entire family kept going on and on…My m-i-l is still raving about you- she LOVES the pics, and can’t believe you even got them considering how the kids were behaving ;-)… If you ever need a recommendation please put my name down!" – [Contact Butterfly Photography for her number]  - BW

"My mother LOVED the collage. Thank you so much for helping us give her a truly memorable present. My sister in law and I both love the extra prints that we purchased." – FG